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Wee Woollies in Westcoast Families Magazine

We love media that supports local businesses and Westcoast Families Magazine is known for doing just that! Check out their awesome spread of local fashion in the Back to School Issue. Featured is our Merino Pajamas/Base Layers and Limited Edition Merino Tee - Whale Love, with matching Beanie.

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The True Cost of Fashion - where Wee Woollies fits in

"When everything is concentrated on making profits what you see is that human rights, the environment, workers rights get lost... my god we can do better than this." The True Cost.

A powerful documentary exposing the apparel industry.

There are so many steps to making the clothes we wear, from sourcing and producing the fabrics and trim and the impact that has on the environment, to real people manufacturing the final product and packaging and shipping it to the consumer. The majority of consumers are blissfully unaware of the impact of their purchasing choices. Overall the system is gravely flawed. Not every apparel manufacturer falls into the category of "Fast Fashion", but the majority do.

At Wee Woollies​, our merino fabric is ethically sourced from New Zealand where the Merino sheep are treated humanely and the chemicals and processes used to make the fabric have the least possible impact on humans and the environment (Bluesign®). Non organic cotton and synthetics have a hugely destructive impact on the environment and the lives of the people who harvest and produce it. It's an industry that cannot be sustained and should not continue in the way that it is.

We have our products manufactured in Vancouver, Canada, where workers get paid a fair wage and working conditions are monitored to comply with Canadian labour laws, workplace health and safety laws and building codes. We are just a ferry ride away from the place in which the wonderful people who make our garments work, and by supporting our local economy we are contributing to building a stronger economy which in turn is supporting us as a small business. We pay a premium for this, by our own choice, so that the onus is on us and our customers (not the people who produce it for us) to be accountable for our buying choices because yes, we do have a choice.



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