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Merino Patch Kit


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Pure merino wool fabric is made of super fine wool fibres. It's what makes it so amazing, but also vulnerable to wear and tear. It's a natural fibre that sometimes needs love. That's why we're now offering iron on merino patches, for those snagged knees, moth-munched tops and runs that get away on you. Made from our fabric cut offs with an adhesive backing and step by step simple instructions to help make those much-loved woollies last.

Why Merino

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Easy Care

Our  garments are easy care. Machine wash on cool, gentle cycle. Hang dry is best or tumble dry on low. Mend snags with a quick stitch or patch & adventure on!

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Merino Wool is naturally flame resistant, provides UV protection, is hypoallergenic, anti microbial, temperature regulating, insulating, breathable, moisture wicking & super soft against delicate skin.

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Our merino is sustainably sourced. As long as there is grass to graze, every year sheep will produce a new fleece. As a natural fibre merino wool is 100% biodegradable. 

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